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می 21, 2020

best onske eames lounge chair review

onske eames lounge chair review

onske eames lounge chair review

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onske eames lounge chair review

NOW, you can start seeing the light at the end of the dusty, smelly tunnel. I found that using 120 grit sand paper seemed to work good for removing the adhesive on the front, and previous finish on the back side. I tested coarser paper, but noticed that the fiberglass was starting to show the patterns of my sanding.

Once the first round of sanding was done, I traced my steps with a finer (240 I think?) paper, then again and again with 400 and 600 grit wet sanding.
Since this was an upholstered chair, I needed to decide to either leave the riv-nuts in the seat of the chair, or drill them out and be left with holes. I decided to leave the riv-nuts to keep more of a finished look. This decision required me to get rid of the nubs you can see below in order to attach the shock mounts to the chair.

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Eames Chair Research

My initial research consisted of taking out 3 books from the library, one on Eames s history and the other 2 on chair and product design design throughout the past 50 years. When I was given the subject of Eames chairs, I felt like I wanted to continue my project within this because i found reading the history behind chair design quite interesting. I liked how you can the influences taken from other chairs and this gave me an idea of trying to make a family tree out of some of most well recognised or iconic chairs.

After researching in more depth I found it too hard to create a tree that really reflected each chairs influence. Some appear much more strongly influenced than others. I found it very interesting how looking at lots of comercialy manufactured chairs for airports school and hospitals looked like they took huge influence from a lot of the Eames designs. This was what really gave me the idea of a family tree of chairs. 

LAMA / Eames / Harry Soderblom

The preview for the LAMA October 7th auction is now open.
Here are some of the Eames lots.
The DCW and child s stool belonged to Eames office employee Harry Soderblom. He worked with the Eames from 1943 to 1951.
Lot 300 also includes Harry s sample leg splint, two photographs purported to have taken by Charles Eames, and the letter below.

Letter from Charles Eames to Harry Soderblom. The opening referenced in the letter was for the Eames Office-designed Herman Miller Furniture Company showroom at 8806 Beverly Boulevard.
It looks like Harry lived in Atwater Village. That is a cool little neighborhood. Grain is a great design shop in Atwater and right across the street is Proof Bakery. I highly recommend getting there as close to noon as possible. That is when the Proof sandwiches come out and they are seriously great. They make some great coffee as well.


I have been in love with this Eames chair for a while now and I have been looking to buy one. I did have one now, an original that is, if the price was not so massive. For an original we are talking between $6,000.00 and $12,000.00 depending on condition. It is a lot I know but if you look after them they do not decrease in value, they in fact increase. So once I have that amount of spare cash to throw at a chair I will….I am not holding my breath.

I did left a spot in my new place for the chair and of course it is been an empty spot since. Then yesterday my gal pal Gen sent me a message. “I have found two Eames chair sets with Ottomans for sale and they will take $800.00 for them both, that is $400 a set”. Now as much as I really, really, really want the original, I am more than happy to part with that much money for a good leather reproduction. It is about half to a third of the going repo rate, so an awesome find by Gen. Space be filled….for now.

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